News from the other side of the planet. I got to speak with my friend Jason today who is a Marine stationed in Iraq. It's been two months since I heard anything from him and I was beginning to worry whether he'd made it through the storm or not, but it seems as though he's alive, and very bored. Jason and I grew up together, for those of you who don't know. Our parents went to the prom together; his aunt is my godmother. It's a twisted situation. At any rate it was wonderful hearing from him, and who knows, he may even get the chance to visit me here in the city when he gets back to the states.

I find it interesting that the people I was closest to growing up all left the state of Florida after we graduated from high school and/or college as the case may be. Eustis is a great place to grow up in, but it doesn't leave much room for exploration. Sometimes you just have to put your adventuring shoes on and see where they lead you. I know just how Bilbo felt.


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