And then they were three...

After nine long months of waiting, 28 hours of labor, and a c-section at the last minute, he has finally arrived. He came into the world with an operating room full of nurses and doctors singing along with a radio that was quietly whispering Bob Marley's One Love.

5:38pm ~ Tuesday Aug. 6th ~ 6 lbs. 15 oz. ~ 20 inches long

He is everything we ever wanted or needed. He is perfect.

Welcome to your world, Jonas. Mommy and Daddy love you, more than you will ever know.


Nothing to see here...

move along! :-P


Family veterans

Thought this was fitting - Thank you to all we know and love who served

Alexander Miller (Alex's grandfather) 2 purple hearts

Grover Cleveland Smith Sr. (Amy's great grandfather) 1918

Grover Cleveland Smith Jr. (Amy's grand uncle) 1956

William Rothhammer (Amy's grandfather)

Dallas "Brady" Miller (Alex's grandfather's brother)

Harvey Spears (Miller side of the family)

Danny Miller (Alex's father)

Larry Miller (Alex's uncle)

Jerry Miller (More Miller family)

 Tom Osebold (Alex's aunt's husband)

Jason Gajentan (best friend - Alex and I have shared a lifetime with this man)


Angry teacher face. Yup, we practice these.

Blurry picture? Nope. Art.

The husband and I.

A flower from the garden at night.
You should listen to this:




2012 Project. I'm doing a photo album that has a picture a day. Hopefully the follow through will be as great as the initial ambition. Time will tell. Enjoy.

A Picture A Day


Tonight will be our first night out of Lake County since mom's stroke. Alex and I are going to see one of our favorite bands, Dream Theater, at the Hardrock.

Attending with us will be one of our best friends and our ......mailman...... yeah I know, we're an odd bunch :-P

For your listening pleasure

On The Backs of Angels - Dream Theater