What to do you get when you cross a toy airplane, a huge field, and a couple of kids at heart?

$30 stuck in the top of a tree. See photos and witty story below.

"Check it out Dad, I bought an airplane, you see!"
"That's great son. Please keep it out of the tree. "

"One minute it was here, then it was there."
"Damnit it boy, what did I tell you? I swear."

"How are we going to get the plane down?"
"This wouldn't be a problem if you'd listen, you clown."

"A miracle worker I won't claim to be,
but I'll try to retrieve your plane from the tree."

This dad's a hero in his son's eyes.
"Let's give this old fishin' pole right here a try. "

Up, up, and away goes the line with the lure.
Dad will land the misguided plane safe, that's for sure.

"That just didn't do the trick, boy. What do you think?"
"I don't know dad, but I could sure use a drink."

"Ah ha! Hey dad! I've got an idea!
I'll hit that stubborn old plane with a beer! "

"I was hoping to solve this without violence today,
But this plane's ticked me off, boy, get out of my way."

Father and son, a better team you won't meet.
The plane in the tree in the yard has been beat.


The pre-Thanksgiving weekend has arrived, and with it's arrival it brought some fairly cool weather to Florida. Those of you in colder parts of the world will only scoff, but for Floridians 31 degrees is cold.

I built my first decent sized fire last night. The fireplace at Alex's house doesn't get used all too often, so I thought I'd use the opportunity for a photo shoot.

I usually scale down the images, but this time I've left them the original size, so feel free to click and save if you'd like a new wallpaper.

Enjoy the flames.


Lately, the amount of video game paraphernalia floating around Alex's living room has become outrageous. Thus, it was decided that a shelving unit needed to be made for our Guitar Hero controllers, those being the bulkiest (READ: easiest to trip over).

This is my first woodworking project. Enjoy the pictures below.

Pencil. Check. Tape Measure. Check. Wood. Check.

All your base are belong to us. The base is assembled, and checked for proper fit.

A close up of the base. Simplistic, yet suitable.

The muscle. I'd never used a saw before.. and those who know me well don't very often like me to use sharp objects. I did learn to use the saw, and actually cut through several of the base and side boards.

All four guitars on the completely assembled stand.

I'm no slacker, this stand is getting stained.

I managed to get *most* of the stain on the stand.

Here we are drying out after the stain was applied.

The final product.. the stand is next to the fire place.

Final view. It's not much, but it's a good start for a first project I think. No more controllers on the floor at any rate.