Well, things are going well here. I've been watching movies, playing with Trent and Jake, and having an overall good time. Blogger doesn't seem to want to work with me today, though. Seem to be having some publishing problems. Stay tuned.


Pics from the springs on Saturday! More to come tomorrow when I edit the rest of the pics :-)


It's a shame that people are forced into finding loopholes in the system at their place of work just so they can accomplish what it is they need to do in their lives. I had to draw the line when my employer stated recently that my request to have a vacation (at an inconvenient time for the boss) showed my lack of dedication in the workplace. Lack of dedication. Let’s do the math folks.

I've worked at this community school for almost a year now (Sept 11 will be one year exactly) and I have accumulated 11 sick days (1 per month). Of those 11 sick days, I have used 1. I'm not the type of person who calls out sick just because she doesn't feel like going to work. Hell, I go to work when I'm sick just to prevent any problems that may arise. I take care of the payroll at the center, because the "book keeper" that gets paid to do the job can't figure out how to work Excel. I create all of the flyers, brochures, and invitations that the staff needs. Look at my time cards for heavens sake. I'm always there before my time, never take lunch breaks, leave after my time (never have I been late to work!). Did I mention that between doing all of those tasks, I'm also in charge of 22 children under the age of five for seven and a half hours a day?

Does this sound like a person who's not dedicated? I think not. Going out of your way to please people in the work place can do one of two things depending on the environment. It will either make you invaluable and people will show they appreciate your efforts, or it will cause people to think you're a push-over and allow them to take you for granted. Guilt trips don't work on this Southern Belle. I do my job. Stop complaining and do yours.

I've learned a lot from this life lesson, let me tell you. They say we grow up a little at a time, but to be able to step back, look at the situation, and realize you're learning, that's when things start to make a difference in your life.

Fun FL pics to come in the next week. Stay tuned.


I went to Monty's tonight and had a grilled chicken salad. It was very good. I couldn't even finish the small portion. My intent was to go and watch Open Range again, but I decided that seeing it twice in as many days might take away from the magic that I found last night, so I will wait until tomorrow to see it again.

Part of that magic may have been created by my going to the movie by myself. That was a first. There was a freedom in it, but also a vast loneliness that I didn't quite care for at all. Everytime I looked over to express my excitement during a scene, there was no one there to share the moment. What's the point of being happy if no one knows you're happy? I see none.

Why is it that I'm always waiting? Life is a waiting game. Yeah, yeah. Well this game sucks, and I don't want to play anymore.


Tonight I saw Open Range (Kevin Costner flick recently released) at good old Court St. United Artist theater here in Brooklyn. I actually got angry enough to go by myself, and enjoyed the movie immensely. The critics don't always take kindly to Mr. Costner's films, but what do they know anyway? I won't give away too many details, but let me tell you, the gun fight at the end of the movie is incredible.

I think what I enjoyed most about the movie was that it was believable. You can't say that for most movies in this day and age. All that flying and flipping and jumping around. You know the kind... absurd scenes with people kicking through pillars and slicing each other with electric glowing swords. I watched the entire movie and didn't once catch myself saying "Yeah... right." Just a good old, sit-back-and-watch-as-the-story-unfolds-in-a-how-the-west-was-won-gun-slinging-cowboy-rivalary sort of way. And it's Kevin Costner... need I say more?

My kind of movie. Hot damn.


Plans are starting to roll in for my trip at the end of this week. I've been scheduled to go on a family outing to the springs, where we will swing off the rope and crash into the 72 degree water from about 20 feet up. I'm going to do my best to get pictures of that. My brother is so good... he can do back flips off the rope and into the water. It's great. Then we'll switch locations and look for shark’s teeth... I'll be selling them on EBay in no time.

A trip to the beach has also been planned which should be a great deal of fun. Justin will drive, I'll buy the soda, and the Ashley/Ashlie's will just sit there and look cute. And let’s not forget the trip to the movies with my sister. A movie that costs less than $10 to see will be a major change from things here in the city. I might even try to venture out to the college and visit with my band director. We'll have to see how that works out, though.

My weekend has gone by rather slowly, which might be a good thing if I was actually enjoying myself. But these weekends all alone are not a lot of fun. The person I'd like to be spending time with is busy doing more important tasks it seems, and so I end up wandering around the city for hours with intent to purchase various items but never following through with spending the money. Nothing catches my eye anymore.

I actually ended up nearly being lost in Manhattan today. I wandered so far from my normal area of roaming that I ended up having no clue where I was going. I just kept walking, reminding myself that I could always call a cab if the need presented itself. Eventually I ran into the Avenue of the Americas again, and from there found the Canal St. subway station. The good ole A train. I was homeward bound at that point. I'd walked far enough this day.

All I want is actual one on one contact. Someone to spend time with. You'd think that would be simple.

Nothing is ever that easy.


Yes ladies and gentlemen, my first black out. For those of you who aren't aware, I live in Brooklyn, NY about 10 minutes from the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, depending on your mode of transportation. Let me tell you how the story unfolds.

Our tale begins on Thursday afternoon, at about 410pm. I'm standing in my classroom, cleaning up after a party, and all of the sudden, the lights go out. But not just the lights, it's abnormally quiet in the building. The children, who are usually quite rambunctious, are as still as mice. The teachers walk from their various rooms out into the hall, look at each other, shake their heads, and return to their classes to gather the children and bring them outside. Seems like a simple task, right? Ever try to walk 20 four-year-olds down a pitch black hallway, and then down the stairwell with no lights? Fun. Everyone reached the sunlight safe and sound, after several panicked cries of "I'm scaaaaaaared!" nonetheless.

At any rate, soon the rumors start pouring in, and no one is quite sure exactly what is going on in our neighborhood, or city for that matter. Stories included: the Con Edison building on 14th street is on fire; Lightning strikes in Niagara Falls caused the power in NYC to go out. What?? Nothing made sense.

We set up tea lights on the stoop, running them down the stairs out front. Everyone in the neighborhood stopped by at least twice to get the latest news. Best of all, when you looked up into the night sky, you could see stars! As many stars as anyone has seen in the New York skyline since, well, the last blackout twenty or so years ago. It was great. Did I mention that I only nearly fell down the stairs of my apartment one time. I felt like I was climbing up and down the stairs of a dungeon.

Everyone went to bed wanting the power to be restored, but at the same time hoping that it would hold off just long enough to cancel work on Friday. Thank goodness that occurred. When I walked to the center Friday morning, there was a nice note posted that said "Center closed due to power outage: Enjoy your weekend." Yay!

But there was a problem. What were we to eat for breakfast? Can't buy anything that was meant to be refrigerated. Can't eat anything from our own fridge, heaven forbid. No dairy that's for sure. Let’s look and see what Grace has in storage. Ah! A box of mac & cheese. For breakfast. At 10am. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do in emergency situations. Let’s just say that it wasn't a day full of health food that's for sure. The menu for the day consisted of cookies, mac & cheese, pizza, nachos, starbucks coffee, Lard bread (it's not as nasty as it sounds), and a cherry blow pop.

We finally got power restored to our neighborhood around 3pm Friday afternoon. I guess to fully understand the festivities that took place you had to be here, but all in all it wasn't so bad a time. It's nice to hear the city in silence once in a while... eerie for those who have lived here all their lives, but for those of us non-natives who moved here from the sticks, it was definitely a night to remember.


Today's highlights:

1. Pissed off the boss.
2. Figured out how to get the time off work to have my vacation.
3. Had a three year old tell me "I'm not your friend!" after disciplining him for biting another student.
4. Found a troop of ants having a party in my room.
5. Learned that I will spending yet another weekend alone.
6. Searched for and wrote down numerous elementary schools in my neighborhood to continue the job search.
7. Spent another evening with Zanny.
8. Cleaned my room.
9. Did the laundry.
10. Decided I need a new chair, or a new computer desk one. This setup has got to go.

I would write out the entire scenario of the day, but it seems I've told everyone I ran into today, and I'm tired of explaining. I plan on going to see the new Kevin Costner movie that's coming out this weekend. I seem to be biding my time until Lord of the Rings: Return of the King comes out in theaters. December can't get here fast enough.


That's it. I need chocolate.

Another day, more adjustments. Hope you're enjoying the new look... although I fear I'm nowhere near finished fiddling with margins and colors and spacing, etc.

Post cards, like so many memories
Past moments go whirring through
Swirling about in a tunnel of wind
Flashes of lightning from the future
Enticing to watch, deadly to touch
A deep facination with anticipation
Grasping as moments race through
Time unaltered and neverending
Attempt to create order in chaos.


This site would be a disaster if Zann wasn't my best friend. :-) I shall bow down and kiss her marvin the martian slippers... because she rocks.

this is a mess right now... please do us all a favor and come back later :-)


( Tyler / R. Supa )

I kept the right ones out
And let the wrong ones in
Had an angel of mercy
To see me through all my sins
There were times in my life
When I was goin' insane
And tryin' to walk through the pain

When I lost my grip
And I hit the floor
Yeah I thought I could leave
But couldn't get out the door... heh ha
I was so sick n' tired
Of livin' a lie
I was wishing that I... would die

It's amazing
With the blink of an eye
You finally see the light'a
Oh... It's amazing
A when the moment arrives
That'choo know you'll be alright
Yeah... It's amazing
And I'm saying a prayer
For the desperate hearts tonight

That one last shot's a permanent vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings
Life's a journey not a destination
And I just can't tell just what tomorrow bring... yeah

You have to learn to crawl
Before you learn to walk
But I just couldn't listen
To all that righteous talk... oh yeah
I was out on the street
Just tryin' to survive
Scratchin' to stay... alive

It's amazing
A with a blink of an eye
You finally see the light
Oh... it's amazing
A when the moment arrives
That'choo know you'll be alright
Oh... it's amazing
And I'm sayin' a prayer
For the desperate hearts tonight
The desperate hearts
Desperate hearts
Really wanna see what I can give what I got
Oh oh no
Wha na naa na na naaaa..... ooohhhha yeah.....

So... from all of us in Aerosmith
To all of you out there wherever you are
The light at the end of the tunnel
May be you

Okay, I believe that after playing with color codes for the last hour, I've had enough blog adjusting for one night.

Today, I tied up a child in the closet of my classroom, after having flipped him upside down and tickled him. I was playing with the children and making them laugh, and a little boy named James, who has an amazing sense of humor for a four year old, runs over and decides he's going to be clever and stand on my shoe. I looked down at him, and he just did the "stare into the sky and act like nothing's happening" routine. So I said, "Excuse me James... you're on my shoe!" to which he grinned, but didn't remove his foot. So I moved, and he moved with me, of course, stepping on my shoe again. Sigh. Seeing that he was in the mood to play games, I said with my most lovingly teacher smile, "James, I'm going to have to beat you up." "Go ahead!" James exclaims. Oh from the mouths of babes.

I quickly reached down, picked him up, flipped him upside down, and proceeded to tickle him until he squealed to be released. I righted him, set him on the floor, and don't you know the little munchkin came right back and stomped on my foot again! Trying to get out of his hyper-active way, I walked to the closet for some art supplies, James following right behind. He slams the closet door shut, and locks us inside. Thank goodness the door unlocks from the inside as well as the outside. James is in big trouble now, because the art supply I went to retrieve was one of those long fuzzy pieces of yarn. You know the type, not very sturdy at all, and very soft to the touch, fluffy even. I grabbed onto his hands, wrapped the yarn around several times (fear not it was very loosely tied) and tied a nice little bow on top. Then I was able to unlock the door and let us both out of the closet. Four year olds are very strong when they want to be.

Giggling and snorting crazily, he walked around for a few minutes saying "Let me out! Undo my hands!" and then finally realized that he could slip his hands right out of the yarn. Needless to say he laughed a lot, had a good time, and was much calmer after the incident. I love children.


Coding... a puzzle in itself. Bear with me. This page my be completely screwed up before the night is over.


What's today, anyway?

My Wednesday in a nutshell:

830am: Wake up, eat a bowl of Life cereal, get dressed and ready for work
850am: Leave apartment for work, remembering that I should bring an umbrella, but decide "It' won't rain AGAIN today."
900am: Arrive at work, clock in, grab the roll book and trudge up the stairs to meet and greet my little darlings for the day
905am: Serve up snack to children; pray no one spills grape juice on any clothing
930am: Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to a more attentive-than-normal group of three four and five year olds; wonder why they're all so quiet and what they might be plotting
1000am: Hand out paint brushes and paper to all of my students, pour paint onto paper plates, and create butterflies buy painting on one side of the paper and folding it in half
1030am: Clean paint off of children, tables, chairs, and floor; make mental note that smocks are a wonderful invention
1040am: Walk class to the park, for an hour of ensuing screaming, chasing, crying, whining fun
1140am: Walk back from the park; Teach children to look both ways before crossing the street
1200pm: Wash several sets of small hands; set tables and serve food for lunch; start to feel like Snow White preparing dinner for the dwarves.
1230pm: Clean tuna salad and corn off of floor, tables, children, etc; Send lunch cart down to the kitchen; drag cots from closet for sleeping purposes
1240pm: Threaten children if they don't lie down and sleep the custodian's dog kept in the utility closet is going to come and eat them!
100pm: Lunch break; Run to the store to buy a granola bar and some fruity health drink; call prospective job offer to see if they've made a decision
130pm: Update all classroom paperwork as quickly and efficiently as possible; muttering to self that I should have updated these a while ago
230pm: Wake children up from their nap; fold sheets and blankets; replace cots in closet; sigh as child informs me that he had an accident on his cot
235pm: Listen to child who wet himself on cot scream in the bathroom as he is angry because we request that he change out of his wet clothes
236pm: Stare at child throwing a tantrum in bathroom because his wet clothes have been changed
237pm: Attempt to calm screaming child to no avail
238pm: Receive call from assistant director, asking if the screaming child is the same as the one that was made to sit in her office before nap time
239pm: Again attempt to calm child; ask what is wrong; listen to child yell even louder as I attempt to calm him
240pm: Walk away from screaming child before I join him in his tantrum throwing episode
245pm: Director walks in after hearing Tyler the Tantrum while using the copy machine; watch as he screams at the top of his lungs at director
250pm: Nod in agreement as director sighs and removes child from classroom to "go for a walk"; telephone Tyler's mother and ask her to come get him
255pm: Welcome Tyler back to class and ask him to put on his shoes; watch as he sits pouting for twenty minutes
300pm: Dish out chicken nuggets and oranges to children; learn of co-workers belated birthday
330pm: Break out more paint and create a cute birthday card for co-worker; press children’s fingerprints onto card; have children sign card; help children who can't write sign card; apply glitter to card; wash paint off of children; wash paint off of teacher
400pm: Send children to tables for afternoon play; watch clock for 430pm to arrive
430pm: Say good night to the children and co-worker; clock out
435pm: Make a trip the grocery store; buy cough medicine; walk home; get caught in afternoon rain storm that wasn't supposed to happen
436pm: Curse because I didn't bring my umbrella
437pm: Stop under apartment overhang and try to dodge the raindrops; wait for rain to slack off
438pm: Finish walk home; fight with key to unlock door; curse key for not working properly
450pm: Call Verizon and complain about a $40 charge on my bill that is not supposed to be there; wait on hold for 10 minutes; curse at Verizon; vow to stop cursing
500pm: Get incorrect charge removed from phone bill; assure representative that she was helpful upon her prompting
510pm: Call mother and talk to family members for two hours using my trusty phone card; assure mother vitamins and medicine are being consumed
610pm: Listen to amusing story about my brother vs. the opossum; weapon of choice against snarling beast: old shovel handle used harpoon style
710pm: Jump in the shower; enjoy first moments of silence all day
745pm: Reheat soup made last night; Attempt to fix garlic toast
800pm: Get lost in eating soup and forget garlic toast in oven
803pm: Remember garlic toast and rush to oven, pulling out two burnt and crusty bricks that may have once been bread
805pm: Spend next hour in living room chatting with roommates
905pm: Get phone call from mother checking up on her sick child; assure her I'm fine; promise again to take vitamins and medicine
1005pm: Spend next hour talking to my best friend Zann; moan and complain with Zann about any and everything that does and does not matter
1105pm: Begin folding pile of laundry on bed; wonder if Zann will fall asleep in the shower
1130pm: Make glass of hot tea with honey to soothe cold; drink tea
1200am: Insert movie in VCR and fall asleep shortly thereafter

And there you have it folks. And to think, I didn't get to run today because of the rain. There's always tomorrow I suppose.


Yesterday I vowed to spend today working on revamping.... er... completeing... my weblog. I never quite got around to adding links, etc to the page. But, alas, this day has escaped me quickly, like so much sand through the hourglass. But I will be working on the site this week, fixing it up to the best of my ability. It will give me something to do while I wait to hear whether I got the job or not.

Tomorrow I will post on my weekend activities, but tonight, I must leave you with one of the best looking men on the face of the planet. I've seen a lot of Joe Perry pictures, but this one... this one takes the cake. He's very lickable... and that's not a typo.


The last month has been crazy. Life was spinning out of control for a while but now things are back in check. Let me update you on a few things...

I've been doing the inevitable job search that will put me into a public school here in NYC. So far I've been to three interviews at one school in Manhattan. The first was last Wednesday, the second on Monday, and the third today. Today they threw me into a classroom of second graders and said, "Teach!" Oy. No one was sure whether or not the children in the room had ever sung a song, much less played any instruments. I had no information or background to build upon. But I went in guns-a-blazin' and before long I had everyone singing and playing and smiling. Music does that to people. The children got the chance to play piano, guitar, drums, recorder, and many xylophones. They learned the song quickly, and some even managed to sing and play at the same time. My music teachers in FL would have been proud. Talk about baptism by fire. Throw her in there and let’s see if she can dig her way out. No one was terribly unruly, and I kept their attention which was important.

The principal said that he'd let me know early next week (before Wednesday) what they decide. I guess there's also another male teacher that has applied for the position. But, you see, the school already has one male teacher. The grade levels of PS126 are K - 8. The teacher that's there now wants to do band related studies with the 6 - 8 graders, so that would leave me in charge of preparing the K - 5 graders for band related studies, once they get to that point. It's right up my alley. Lord I hope I get this job.

The school is in a nice location too. I take three trains to get there, the G, the A, and then the 4 or 5. It takes about 20 minutes by train and a 10 minute walk after that to get to the school. It's located right off of the South Street Seaport, next to the East River. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I want this job. Please.

More later tonight perhaps. It's good to be back.... I don't know how I survive without Zann. She's the greatest girl in the world.