The last month has been crazy. Life was spinning out of control for a while but now things are back in check. Let me update you on a few things...

I've been doing the inevitable job search that will put me into a public school here in NYC. So far I've been to three interviews at one school in Manhattan. The first was last Wednesday, the second on Monday, and the third today. Today they threw me into a classroom of second graders and said, "Teach!" Oy. No one was sure whether or not the children in the room had ever sung a song, much less played any instruments. I had no information or background to build upon. But I went in guns-a-blazin' and before long I had everyone singing and playing and smiling. Music does that to people. The children got the chance to play piano, guitar, drums, recorder, and many xylophones. They learned the song quickly, and some even managed to sing and play at the same time. My music teachers in FL would have been proud. Talk about baptism by fire. Throw her in there and let’s see if she can dig her way out. No one was terribly unruly, and I kept their attention which was important.

The principal said that he'd let me know early next week (before Wednesday) what they decide. I guess there's also another male teacher that has applied for the position. But, you see, the school already has one male teacher. The grade levels of PS126 are K - 8. The teacher that's there now wants to do band related studies with the 6 - 8 graders, so that would leave me in charge of preparing the K - 5 graders for band related studies, once they get to that point. It's right up my alley. Lord I hope I get this job.

The school is in a nice location too. I take three trains to get there, the G, the A, and then the 4 or 5. It takes about 20 minutes by train and a 10 minute walk after that to get to the school. It's located right off of the South Street Seaport, next to the East River. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I want this job. Please.

More later tonight perhaps. It's good to be back.... I don't know how I survive without Zann. She's the greatest girl in the world.


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