Good news! I heard from the Sax Shop, and they're sending my saxophone back home tomorrow. Yay. It's not going to cost as much as they originally claimed, which is even better than good news. I talked to Demitri, and he said he heard them playing it, and it works like a charm. But I'll be the judge of that when it gets back next week. I miss my horn... so glad it's coming home.

Not so good news. My wisdom teeth are causing me trouble again. A few years ago I had the bottom wisdom teeth removed, and it was a terrible experience. Thus, I never had the top ones out. They have been causing me a lot of grief since Friday. At one point I even contemplated removing them myself with a screwdriver and a lot of booze. No amount of Advil or Tylenol seems to be working. The agony. Ow.

I bought creamsicles today too. I'm excited.


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