Today, I went into the city to shop, for the first time. I've only been into the city twice by myself since I moved here last year and both of those times were work related. This trip had a purpose but was for pleasure as well. It was time to buy gifts for my siblings to relay to my sister this weekend when she's in PA.

After making several train connections (G to the A to the 4 to the 6) I ended up in Astor Place, where the big rotating cube is nestled snugly into Goth/Punk central. There, I saw many people dressed all in black with spiked, multi-colored hair, and let’s not forget the black nail polish and the metal collars. That's St. Marks for you though. And I dressed in my Capri pants and a blue/green striped shirt. Can you say out of place? But you know what? This is New York, and no one cares.

I shopped for the siblings like a good big sister should. I bought myself a coffee from Starbucks. Yum. And looked at a bunch of rings and wondered what size Zann wears... which I quickly solved when I got back home. I'll not say what I got my brother and sister, because if they venture upon my site within the next week, I don't want them finding out.

My first taste of independence... and it was mmm mmm good.

In other news, and also just as exciting... I got a notice today that stated I will be receiving my teacher certification in the mail within the next week. Can you say hallelujah? The NYS Board of Education is even dating it effective as of February 1, 2003, which is great. That will have a better appearance than a certificate that was issued two days ago. Also, there is a public elementary school about three blocks from my house that is in need of a music teacher. I'm going to be checking that out in the next couple of days. It seems that music teachers are in demand in Brooklyn this year... thank goodness.

Speaking of Mmm Mmm good... Steven and Joe of Aerosmith... yum dandy indeed.


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