Live, from Eustis Florida!

As I stepped off the plane into the little loading dock tunnel, I felt my first blast of heat from the Florida sunshine, and it was wonderful. Humidity without a humidifier! And all the sun you could ever desire.

Yesterday upon reaching Eustis via Orlando, I travelled a little farther to visit Trent and Jake, and help put together their swing set. The babies were as dirty as little piggies can be (that's what happens when you live in the sticks and have all this clean country dirt to play in.. nature's sandbox) and they were so happy to see me, as I was to see them. They showed me all their puppies, and their cows named, Mavis, Agnus, and Brownie.... and we "winged" for two hours... well, they "winged" and I got to push them on the "wing".

When the afternoon thunderstorm arrived, we packed up, came back home where I spent some time with the parents and siblings and their friends. I watched my brother's baseball game on tv, and finally collapsed in a heap on the dreaded couch bed around 1am.

Today has also been eventful. I went to Wal*Mart (the greatest store on Earth) and purchased lots of No Boundaries summer clothes. I love that brand so much, but can never find them in NY. I even got a cool pair of sandals for ::drumroll:: $6.83. Rolling back those prices. Score.

This evening's agenda. A celebration cookout for the families belonging to the baseball team's players. That should be fun. Always good to have something to do.

More to come.


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