I've been doing some thinking about today's society, and the environment in which we all live. And upon these thoughts I have reached the conclusion that we need a lot more fantasy and a lot less reality in this world. This may be why large groups of people find so many different ways to mentally detach themselves from this place at every chance they get.

Upon much consideration, I have decided that I am going to move to Lothlorien. Yes. The elven city in the trees in Lord of the Rings. I know this sounds a little far-fetched, and there are pros and cons... Let’s discuss a few, shall we?

Issues of concern:
1. I am not incredibly fond of bugs (especially spiders), which live in trees. Now I'm not sure how the elves of Lothlorien deal with this aspect of their living situation, but something tells me they either have it under control, or they just don't mind sharing their space with nature's creatures.
2. And let’s not forget the snakes... I'd have to have an elven male near my side at all times so he could remove the crawly things in a respectable manner that would not offend any of my fellow tree mates.
3. I am very clumsy. Climbing through trees could prove to be incredibly dangerous for one such as myself. Maybe the elves have a class to teach new tenants the skill of dexterity. But in the instance that I did fall, crashing through the trees, there is sure to be a healer on hand to nurse me back to health in no time.

Positive aspects:
1. Tranquility. I don't know about you, but being given the chance to exist in a world that is untouched by outside forces outweighs any negative aspect I can think of currently. Even in the midst of a war, the people of Lothlorien, although very concerned for the world, still seemed untouchable in their little hideaway. Safe and sound and tucked out of harms way (thanks to the amazing elven archers who would be receiving well-deserved chocolate chip lembas cookies for their hard work on a regular basis).
2. The elven language. You know, there's just something about it that drives me wild. It sounds so musical, and romantic. Do you think Aragorn would drop by for a visit and a lesson in the language often? Mmm.
3. Ever-present music from the trees. Did you notice that there was continuous music emanating from the treetops through the entire scene? The lament that was being sung was the most enchanting music I have ever heard. It just goes to show that you don't have to understand the words for it to touch your heart. Music is, after all, the universal language.
4. Personalities of the elves in general. I have never known a race so concerned with the welfare of mankind (for lack of a better word) than these people. They seemed so honest, understanding, sympathetic, and caring. What more can you ask for?
5. Beautiful surroundings. I would give up living in an apartment or a house to live in Lothlorien in a second. I'm sure I would get used to the inconvenience of it all (see above). Think about it, flowers to look at whenever you please, sleeping with the cool breeze blowing across your skin, having all those beautiful waterfalls everywhere.

Where do I sign up?


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