Well, I've made it back to NY safe and sound... I really missed being with my family, and the visit was so enjoyable that the time flew by too quickly. So quickly, that I'm planning on making another trip back in August. No more six months between visits. I'm the oldest daughter, and the big sister, and I feel I've be slacking on my duties as such lately. My brother is a man, and my sister has turned into a beautiful young woman. Too much to miss.

Other things I realized I really missed while I was in NY:
1. My babies 2. Feeling wanted 3. Always having someone to talk to who will listen showing genuine concern no matter how trivial the subject 4. Cable T.V. 5. Florida sunshine 6. Warm weather 7. Palm trees 8. Fresh air 9. Being in a place where country music is not only acceptable to listen to, but enjoyed by 95% of the population 10. Wildlife: horses, cows, puppies, lizards, birds, everywhere.

That's just a few on a long list of many... There was no smog to breath in Eustis, which was wonderful. Cookouts and bonfires under the stars... stars! yes... there are no stars in the NY skies.

It was good to be home...
I don't know who this quote comes from.. but it is the truest statement I've ever heard.

"I've learned....
That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world."


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