What a fantastic few days I've had. I spent all Saturday with my baby sister over in PA. We had such a great time. Most of her games got rained out, which defeated the purpose of them traveling here to play softball, so I got to spend more time with her than I would have otherwise. We laughed, we cried, we took pictures (which are going to be developed soon), we drew pictures on the kiddy books at Ruby Tuesdays, and just all-in-all had a ball... no pun intended. Thank you for such a wonderful time Ashley, you made my weekend. I'm beginning to crave the home environment... I can't seem to win for loosing, because I give up one set of treasures for another. Finding a balance is so difficult. I'll figure it out soon I hope.

And huge congratulations to my big little brother for be named Player of the Year in Florida high school baseball.. That's MY bubba!

Pics of the city are posted here... pics of the softball game will be posted when I get them in the mail.


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