So the big room change is coming up rather quickly. You see, I'm very tired of sharing a bathroom with the two girls on this floor who can't for the life of them figure out how to flush the toilet. It just so happens that my roommate Erik, who lives in one of the third floor rooms, is moving out this weekend. This means that I get to have his room, complete with its own bathroom. YAY! I can't wait. The room is slightly bigger, much nicer... etc etc. Did I mention I'd have my own bathroom? Thank God.

After work today I went into the city on a Kmart run in hopes that they would have the portable AC unit I wanted in stock. But alas, they did not, so I turned around, hiked all the way back home (via subway of course) and bought one from them online. It should be here in 3 to 8 business days. We all know it'll be 8. But that's fine because the weather has decided to get back down to the 70's at night for the next few days so there will be a slight level of comfort at least.

And at this point I'm going to tell you that Kmart never ceases to amaze me with its lack of items it claims to have in stock. I can honestly see why they have to close so many stores. Who wants to go through all the trials and tribulations of getting to the store if when they get there, the item they need, and were promised, is never there? I say we kick the Kmart out of Astor Place in the city and start up a Wal-Mart. I'd be going into the city everyday for my love of that store. Just think, if they'd build a few Wal-Marts around here, it'd be sure to boost the economy in one way or the other. People have to get there somehow... so there would be more money going to public transportation, and for those people, who have their own cars and drive, they'd have to pay the metered parking in the city... and quite frankly, people would spend a ton of money at the store itself. ::shrug:: They never listen to me though.

Back on track, after leaving Kmart ::coughsuckscough:: I wound up at the Virgin Mega store on 14th street, where I purchased a VHS of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I can't wait to watch the non-TV-edited version. This will definitely be a good night.


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