Another scorcher today here in the city. It's been difficult to sleep these last few nights, and I am being reminded how miserable last summer was with no air conditioner. The building I live in currently doesn't allow window a/c units, so if we want to be cool, we have to either run up the water bill by taking many cold showers, or we have to buy a portable a/c. (Swimming pools in the living room, although a refreshing idea, are strictly forbidden.) For those of you who aren't aware, portable a/c units stand on the floor, and you can, as the name states, move them about wherever you like. They are also much more expensive than window units. But you know what, if it means being able to sleep, and keep company comfortable, it's the move to make. I have to sleep. Sleep is good.

Work was wet today, much to my dismay. Three of my children wet themselves during nap time. (This is a regular occurrence, unfortunately.) So although we had no blood, no guts, no broken bones... the bodily fluid rule was shot all to hell. At least there was no vomit. When this sort of thing happens, wet cots have to be put outside to be cleaned and dried, floors have to be mopped, clothes have to be changed, etc. It's a mess. Especially when I have one child with no clothes to change into period. Then, another child has shorts and a shirt, but no underwear. And lets not forget the child who has a complete set of WINTER clothes, but no summer wear. (Long pants and a long sleeved shirt in 90 degree weather is a good way to have a heat stroke.) Add all that onto an hour and a half long staff meeting and you get a day full of BLAH! That's all I have to say about that.

My favorite kid quote for the day: Miss Smith asks, "What rhymes with bat?" and Christion (my youngest student at age 3 and change) replies "Dinosaur!" This is, of course, his answer to every question I ask. It amuses me.


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