Tonight Alex and I wandered about a car show that happens once a month in town. I've been learning to identify cars, and I must admit I'm not fantastic at the game. Thus, I thought I'd take some pictures to study... not that I think it will help all so much.

Not sure what this one is... but I took it's picture anyway.

This was the prettiest color car tonight.

This car was a 1939 something or other... '39!

El Camiiiiiiiinoooooooo...

'06 Corvette

Another Corvette with highly illegal tinted windshield.

Mustangs are bad... and this one is bad ass.

This is the best car on the whole lot! Mine! An '06 Scion tC. Do not be fooled by the lighting. Those are not dents in the Scion. I would be a very sad panda if they were dents.


Congratulations are in order tonight! My brother has finished his five month fire fighter training course, and pending a state examination, will become Lake County's newest fire fighter. He graduated second in his class!

God keep him safe.

Love you Bubba!


My guitar hero Xbox controller was looking rather plain. What's a girl with a box full of sharpies to do with all that empty white space??

Well, I'll tell you. You find a picture on the internet that you'd like to replicate, such as this one: Stained Glass.

And then you take the giant box of multicolored sharpies you see above, and go to work.

Two days, several sharpies, and some clear coat later, you get the finished product you see below!


Emeril has nothing on Amy and Alex when it comes to working in the kitchen. We perform as a well reherased orchestra when cooking it seems. He cooks, I clean. I bake, he prepares ingredients. Give and take.

One could only hope life in general would be so easy.

Cookies to come.

Might I add how wonderful it is to have a laptop connected to the internet in the kitchen. I refuse to ever write down another recipe.

The End.

Florida skies are not so sun-shiney today. Tropical Storm Barry has rolled in from the gulf. All we're seeing is rain, which is greatly needed. The smoke from brushfires is getting a bit old at this point.

Callie says hello.