Tonight Alex and I wandered about a car show that happens once a month in town. I've been learning to identify cars, and I must admit I'm not fantastic at the game. Thus, I thought I'd take some pictures to study... not that I think it will help all so much.

Not sure what this one is... but I took it's picture anyway.

This was the prettiest color car tonight.

This car was a 1939 something or other... '39!

El Camiiiiiiiinoooooooo...

'06 Corvette

Another Corvette with highly illegal tinted windshield.

Mustangs are bad... and this one is bad ass.

This is the best car on the whole lot! Mine! An '06 Scion tC. Do not be fooled by the lighting. Those are not dents in the Scion. I would be a very sad panda if they were dents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see that Alex is broadening your horizons...antique cars! Who would ever have imagined that Amy would be interested in old cars?? I was wondering if Amy would ever be interested in cars of any vintage, but look at her now! Antique cars AND biscuits AND growing say nothing of music and children. You go, girl!

June 24, 2007 9:20 PM  

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