This man has managed to take better care of me and show me more love in the last month than I've known in the last six years. Yesterday we traveled to the Harry P. Leu botanical gardens in Orlando to see the state's largest rose garden. It was absolutely beautiful. The best part about the entire trip was the company, though. He's won all my smiles and my heart.

We may have used up all the wishing stars in a combined effort, but we found what we were looking for, and that's all that matters.


Pictures from last night's show have arrived. Sympathy from the Stars owns Lake County. Simply stating facts. Enjoy the shots!

Acoustic stage set. Love the guitars.

Wes (one of two birthday boys) and Alex ignore the heat. Rock stars sweat. It's in the handbook.

Rare shot of Dave behind the set! You can see his whole face!

Mike (birthday boy two) singing during the acoustic set.

The boys rocking out as only they know how!

Dave behind the set, amp in the spotlight!

Unplugged. Sort of. Wes on the left, Alex in the middle, Dave on the right.

Alex singing to the stars... I love this picture, I'm not ashamed to admit.

"Damnit! It's hot in here!" Gotta love the rock star.