Happy anniversary to my love. 4 years today :-)

Go check out his band... I even play saxophone and sing a bit!

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So my new Lumix camera arrived today. Alex insisted it as our 1st year anniversary present, as the old Lumix had an image sensor problem that made all my pictures look like they'd gotten into the LSD.

Below you'll find random shots I took today while exploring all the fun settings. If I wasn't a teacher, I'd be a photographer. (Funny how neither of those bring in much income... destined to be a starving artist.)

Fred. Our paranoid redbone coonhound.

If you can name this tune, you'll win.... a happy face!

The piano in the living room, at which I was practicing the tune in the above picture!

Pretty flowers in the garden out front!

The Florida sunset from my front yard.. I was zoomed in quite a bit to get this shot.

Amy.. self explanatory.

The husband, Alex.... the new camera has a "film filter".

Me again with the black and white filter...

A wildflower I've been attempting to grow in the garden... cultivating weeds is hard work.

Fun with the desaturate/history tools in photoshop. I was about six feet from this guy when he posed for me!
More pictures soon.. new toys are good fun!


I think someone should write a book about all the little things no one ever seems to tell you before you buy your first home. Tricks and tips of the trade items, you know?

Who knew you should pour bleach into the AC unit drain pipe to keep the algae critters out? Who knew that turning the AC off during the day to save power costs you more than just having the thermostat set to 79 constantly? I could write an entire chapter on septic tanks, alone.

There are still good people in this world. You just have to find them! Thanks Chuck from Independent Air for the education!

Another year is done, and my children are packed up and shipped away to first grade. A bit older, a bit wiser, with one more person in this world that loves them. I will miss them dearly.

I find it amazing that since walking in the door of Ms. Paro's kindergarten classroom in 1985, I've not missed one year of school. Every year since, I've had a summer vacation, and then trounced back through the door of a classroom come August. That's a grand total of 24 years of school. Perhaps I'll throw a party for year 25!

I'm not certain I'd know what to do if I didn't have school to look forward to each August. The thought alone depresses me. So instead, I will eagerly await the smiling faces of a new group of kids and the wonderful world we will explore together! Oh the places we'll go, one day at a time!

In honor of my munchkins this year, I'll post random pictures below! Enjoy!

Teamwork on the playground! Trying to reach the top of the pole!

Our first space shuttle launch of the year!

The kids posing for a picture after a science experiment!

Kindergarten pumpkin carving!

Just hanging around!

A field trip to the local grocery store.

Lined up for field day!