So my new Lumix camera arrived today. Alex insisted it as our 1st year anniversary present, as the old Lumix had an image sensor problem that made all my pictures look like they'd gotten into the LSD.

Below you'll find random shots I took today while exploring all the fun settings. If I wasn't a teacher, I'd be a photographer. (Funny how neither of those bring in much income... destined to be a starving artist.)

Fred. Our paranoid redbone coonhound.

If you can name this tune, you'll win.... a happy face!

The piano in the living room, at which I was practicing the tune in the above picture!

Pretty flowers in the garden out front!

The Florida sunset from my front yard.. I was zoomed in quite a bit to get this shot.

Amy.. self explanatory.

The husband, Alex.... the new camera has a "film filter".

Me again with the black and white filter...

A wildflower I've been attempting to grow in the garden... cultivating weeds is hard work.

Fun with the desaturate/history tools in photoshop. I was about six feet from this guy when he posed for me!
More pictures soon.. new toys are good fun!


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