In recent news: I've found a job for next year.

For those who weren't aware, the school I work at currently is not going to have preschool any longer after the close of this school year. Thus, I was job hunting.

The search ended when I was offered a job at the same elementary school I attended somewhere around the years 1985/86-1990/91. I'll be taking on a kindergarten position, and may even have one or two of my preschoolers from this year in my class.

Is it time to start school shopping yet??


Alex and I went away for the weekend. Another one of our "Downtown Disney" trips, you see.

We had a great room...

..with a view.

And on this trip.. we played some putt putt... EIEIO

This is a shot of Pirate's Cove near downtown Disney.

Amy had never played putt putt before.. the rookie.

Alex is the pro, as always.

Alex prays to the putt putt gods...

...and miracles occur! Two hole-in-ones on the same hole!

And the winner is.....

End of weekend.


Full Tilt! Does this make me the new PR person??


Easter approaches and I'm in the mood to make a basket. All of my plans will stay hidden, however, as the one the plans are for frequently visits this blog for inside information.

With Easter comes spring break. There are only 30 more days of school (days on which children are present anyway, and excluding weekends and holidays) left until summer vacation. Yes. I'm counting.

I'm excited to know where I'll end up next year as I'll be transferring schools within the county. If all goes as planned, I may be teaching kindergarten at the same school I attended 20 years ago. I've just dated myself. Ouch.

Chocolate bunny, anyone?