My new theme song should be flight of the bumble bee. I forced myself to forget what it was like to have my own social circle when I was in NYC for a variety of reasons, none of which are all that important anymore. Now that I've returned to the old hometown I'm not sure how I managed without the boys. I suppose I should stop calling them boys, as they're men now. It just doesn't have the same ring to it though.

I'm especially thrilled with the number of concerts I've been able to attend since returning. These concerts come in two varieties. Stetson concerts at my old college, and jazz concerts at this little inn in Mount Dora.

The Stetson concerts come in all shapes and sizes. Two weeks ago I listened to the symphonic band concert (Blueshades was played and the band almost blew the walls out of Elizabeth Hall, which is how it should be), and tomorrow I'll be attending the guitar concert. I've even managed to talk the one named Alex into traveling with me on this journey. I'm a firm believer that concerts are much better when you go with someone who appreciates the music just as much as you do. There's just something about hearing the most beautiful section in a piece of music and being able to look over and whisper "did you hear that?!" that enhances the experience.

The jazz concerts are held on Friday nights at the Lakeside Inn. The trio that plays is insanely old (especially the pianist) and they play with the knowledge that only age can bring. The only downside to the entire experience is that there are on occasion several drunken middle-aged people attending as well. It is a bar, after all. Last weeks show involved a 50-year-old woman who was married to a man half her age, and still insisted on dancing with or sitting on every mans lap in the place. By the end of the show I wanted her to leave, and get pulled over for DUI on the way home. Ruin my jazz show will you?!? Drunken whores aside, the music is well worth sticking around and listening.

I almost forgot to mention the amazing rendition of Johnny B. Good played by yet another friend's band (a cover band to be exact.) People, the lead guitar player even did the solo with the guitar behind his head. You just can't beat that. I'm jealous.


Well the time is almost upon me. Several months back I was informed that I needed to take yet ANOTHER state test to teach in Florida. While I attended college I was required to take three state tests in order to pass. The first is a general knowledge test consisting of reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. The second test was a professional education test (or a how to be a teacher test), and the third was a music education test (with notes and melodies and whatnot.)

As most of you know, those tests were no problem for me and I graduated safe and sound. Upon arriving in New York City, I was required to take two more tests to teach in their wonderful school system. Another general knowledge test (because apparently New York reading/writing is different from that in Florida) as well as a second professional teaching exam. Those tests were also a piece of cake, even though a large majority of the population there wouldn't agree.

Now, after returning to the Sunshine State, I've been told I need to take yet another test, this time for Pre-K-Primary 3 education. Subject area exams are fun, really! Answer a few hundred multiple choice questions and write an essay so we can see how well you work with children. Mmkay.

At any rate, the test is this coming Saturday. Thankfully it's been administered at my old college so I won't have to drive around in a panic searching for the correct location.

You just finished ANOTHER state mandated test! What are you going to do now??
What all Floridians do of course. Blow off Disney World and spend a day at the beach.

The new car and I will be going on it's longest road trip yet two weeks from now. And if there's a better cause, I sure can't think of one. ::salutes::


Things have been quite busy in a day in the life of grace lately. I've been spending a lot of time with a small group of friends. I almost forgot what it was like to have someone call you up wanting your attention. I now realize just how much I missed it.

The last week and a half have been full of excitement. Last Friday I had dinner with Devin, Jason, and Chad (friends from high school that I just don't get to see enough). After dinner, we wandered into a local inn where the most amazing jazz trio plays each weekend. The members of the trio are all in their 60's and 70's and regardless of age, they put us all to shame. Musicianship knows no time frame.

While listening to the trio, we were treated to an antique car show. I've never been all that interested in cars, but the folks in Mt. Dora know how to put on a good performance. The show was held on the cobblestone street outside of the inn after dark, which meant they had to use spotlights to show each of the cars. That night was much like stepping into the twilight zone.

We (myself, Alex, Jason, Dave, J.R., and a few other random acquaintances) did a bit of time traveling together on Saturday night. The boys have been building a bar on the porch of Dave's house, and the finished product turned out quite nice.

Sunday involved a trip to the airport to pick up my sister (READ my first trip to Orlando in my incredible car!) Monday morning came all too soon and I found myself back at work in with my kiddies.

This brings me to the pictures you are about to view. The county I work in has spring break next week, so we got to partake in Easter celebrations a bit earlier than most people. We've been planting a butterfly garden at school (and will release butterflies after spring break). Last but not least, we made a trip out to Uncle Donald's Farm today. Below you will find more pictures than you probably want to see. But, due to my lack of posting here, they've been accumulating. Hey, don't complain. This will give you something to do while you're not working at work. Enjoy!

Leprechauns and the color green as far as the eye can see!

The next several pictures were taken during our class kite day. Each child brought a kite to school and we went into the field adjoining our playground and had a ball!

These pictures were taken Thursday during our Easter celebration. The children are preparing to hunt Easter eggs here.

This is a shot of our butterfly garden as it is to date. More pictures when the rest of the seeds begin to grow.

The rest of the pictures found below are from our trip to the farm today. Here we are milking goats!

Baa baa white(?) sheep???

And on his farm he had a pony, EIEIO!

Strut your stuff!

Here we have Harley, the singing dancing entertainer (and I'm referring to the bird, not the girl.)


I suppose it matters not what kind of "kid" it is, they all love to climb.

And on his farm he had a pig... this was one of two pigs. The other pig weighed 900 pounds. That's a lot of bacon.

This mischievous goat must be related to the one who tried eating my dress when I went to Uncle Donald's farm 22 years ago.

Kids feeding the kid!

Class picture! The sign (which you probably can't read very well) says "Kids for Sale!" and there's a little chick on the sign that says "Cheap!"

The last set of pictures shows what happens when you run around a farm all day long. You collapse in a heap during the ride home.