Well the time is almost upon me. Several months back I was informed that I needed to take yet ANOTHER state test to teach in Florida. While I attended college I was required to take three state tests in order to pass. The first is a general knowledge test consisting of reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. The second test was a professional education test (or a how to be a teacher test), and the third was a music education test (with notes and melodies and whatnot.)

As most of you know, those tests were no problem for me and I graduated safe and sound. Upon arriving in New York City, I was required to take two more tests to teach in their wonderful school system. Another general knowledge test (because apparently New York reading/writing is different from that in Florida) as well as a second professional teaching exam. Those tests were also a piece of cake, even though a large majority of the population there wouldn't agree.

Now, after returning to the Sunshine State, I've been told I need to take yet another test, this time for Pre-K-Primary 3 education. Subject area exams are fun, really! Answer a few hundred multiple choice questions and write an essay so we can see how well you work with children. Mmkay.

At any rate, the test is this coming Saturday. Thankfully it's been administered at my old college so I won't have to drive around in a panic searching for the correct location.

You just finished ANOTHER state mandated test! What are you going to do now??
What all Floridians do of course. Blow off Disney World and spend a day at the beach.

The new car and I will be going on it's longest road trip yet two weeks from now. And if there's a better cause, I sure can't think of one. ::salutes::


Blogger Mammaw said...

I'm sure you will breeze through the test. No problem!
Have fun at the beach...use plenty of sunscreen and don't get stuck in the sand! :-)

April 18, 2006 6:44 PM  
Blogger chrsblck said...

dude. disney world totally got dissed. i request a postcard please.

April 19, 2006 12:19 AM  

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