The mood was set at 7:15am when I arrived with bags full of streamers, balloons, and party favors. Heart napkins, heart plates, red juice, even little confetti lips lay scattered across the tables.

The children began to arrive, and much to their joy, the entire classroom had been transformed into a Valentine's Day wonderland!

These were the giant coffee tins the children converted into Valentine mailboxes over the last few days. Crepe paper carefully glued to the cans made for a papier-mache look, and then the kids covered their creations in stickers!

As you can see, no two mailboxes were the same. By the end of the day each one was crammed full of candies and cards and pencils and toys. The children couldn't wait to get home just so they could dump everything out and paw over their precious treasures.

If they were lucky, they even walked away with an individualized glass, complete with lollipop and sunglasses. They were all lucky today, in case you were wondering.

Here's a final shot of most of the class sitting down to a sugary lunch, if you could call 3 cupcakes, handful of cookies, and tons of juice a lunch.... $5 says they won't sleep until tomorrow afternoon after all that sugar.

The most important part was that they had a great time. This is a day they will not forget for quite some time I imagine.


Blogger zann said...

that looks way fun.

February 14, 2006 5:06 PM  
Blogger Mammaw said...

Hooray! I'm in...I just signed up...may be a blank blog, but who knows I just may do something with it. Anyway, party looks really cool. I'm sure they won't forget this anytime soon. I know you had as much fun as the kids. You're a really neat teacher. Lucky little kids they are.

February 15, 2006 7:54 AM  

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