I'm in love with the new look here. I will admit it outright. Tomorrow afternoon I will have pictures to post of my class and their Valentine's Day party. The plan is to go in early and decorate the room with all the balloons my brother inflated this evening, and all the streamers the rest of the family made with me. We're talking mountains of streamers, folks.

My standards are high, and I'm aiming for the look a room would have if cartoony Cupid exploded into a million bits of pink, red, and white colors. This isn't going to be highly difficult as I'm teaching in a portable currently.

I'm also making triple berry muffins (all red) for the teaching staff. This means I'll be waking up much earlier than normal to get everything finished before anyone arrives. Thus, I must leave you all now. Besides, I'm very close to discovering exactly where Bhelliom lies. I must aid Sparhawk in his search! Until tomorrow.


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