I almost forgot what it was like to be busy. A month and a half off will do that to a person. But those days are over again. No more staying up to 330am reading, and then waking up at 930 or 10am to the sound of the world carrying on about me.

I've been running about like a mad woman finishing up all the paperwork the school board needs in order for me to begin teaching. There was a drug test, fingerprinting, and a mountain of forms that may quite possibly have been higher than the elevation of Florida.

Send transcripts here, and references there, and get this signed three times, spin around backwards and count to 18.382 in at least four foreign languages. I've jumped through the majority of their hoops, however.

The next two days I'll be spending time at the school getting to know my new set of munchkins. I'm going prepared with stickers, stamps, and good behavior awards. They are my weapons of choice, don't ya know!

Look out kiddies, here I come!


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