You know, it's interesting to reconnect with a person who knew you in a different time and place, and for them to see the changes that the passing of time has caused. I mention this because it's been happening recently between myself and a fellow musician I attended college with my first few years. "And we thought you were the quiet one..." Aye, I'm the quiet one, until you get to know me. And then the sarcasm and dry wit emerges. Watch out!

At any rate, it's nice to be able to go back and tell the people who influenced you such a great deal that they made all the difference at that point and time. Though thank you's are in order, they just never seem to be enough.

In other news, I've been driving all over Lake County. At the end of last week, I took my godson out to see more Christmas lights, because it's pretty much the only thing to do here in the evenings. On the way to the "huge trailer park display" in Tavares, I nearly hit a dire raccoon. The road was dark, sandwiched in-between a lake on the left, and a wooded area on the right. I watched as the vermin darted from the left side of the road about 10 feet from the car tires, and thought to myself "I hope you make it, buddy." I took my foot off the gas, but didn't swerve or hit the break. The 20lb monster from the blue lagoon (and I kid you not about the weight) missed the right front tire by two inches according to my passenger. Horrible, horrible fat dire raccoon.

Is it bad that I've not purchased one Christmas present for my family yet? Ah well, there's always Christmas eve, right?


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