Contestant number two! Please step down!

I would write more, but I'm so worn out from going back and forth, I think I may collapse. I despise airports. And I have enough frequent flier miles to fly to Tahiti and back.

Any takers? I could use some company in Tahiti, you know. I'm taking applications for tall, strong, and handsome candidates. Must love frogs.

Anyway........ Johnny! Tell them what they've won!

Well, our lucky couple has won a long life together, hopefully with more bliss than they can stand. And just for the hell of it, we're throwing in a brand new 'happily ever after!'

If anyone here knows any reason why these two should not be joined as husband and wife, you're too late, cause they've already tied the knot. File your complaint elsewhere.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bunnell!


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