And the radio played on......

It always amazes me how the vast majority of my memories are tied to what music was playing at the time the scene occurred. In actuality, I often go out of my way to turn on the music any chance I get.

My classroom radio is set on the classical station 95% of the day, and the children don't seem to mind. I suppose it's a nice change from all the rap they listen to outside of my realm of protection. It upsets me whenever I hear them rambling the newest rap song (complete with curse words) when they can't even tie their shoes.

Then there are the millions of memories recorded that relate to actual music performance. The endless hours of band rehearsals between the ages of 11 and 22 left a lasting impression. There are many pieces I can hear to this day that immediately take me back to that time in band camp when..... NOT THAT! Geez. It's not that kind of party. Each piece just gained a life of it's own over the years.

Let's not forget the friends that go with the music. There's Zann (RE: Miss-Mix-a-Lot) who has gone out of her way to widen my musical horizons in the rock and beyond category.

There are the songs that remind me of racing down the back roads of Eustis in Jason's jeep.. "stick shifts and safety belts, bucket seats have all got to go!" And I can't forget the songs Krissy and I sang at the top of our lungs between quartet rehearsals and homework sessions. All attempts at drowning out Bishop failed miserably, however.

Zann says everyone should have a theme song when they walk in a room. What's yours?


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