Consolidate your student loans! Lock in the lowest interest rate in loan history! Yeah, that's great, but people who have combinations of loans that cannot be consolidated are tired of the hype. One of my two college loans was granted by a private company, thus Sallie Mae (the second lender) will not oblige my requests for consolidation.

Lucky me.

But I'll tell you this. If the companies who continuously send snail mail brochures, letters, and a variety of other annoyances daily would stop spending money on envelopes, printer ink, paper, and postage, THEY would have the money to pay off ALL the student loans in the WORLD.

I wouldn't be so quick to complain if 1. I could actually take them up on their offers, or 2. I only received one or two information packets in the mail per week. Unfortunately for me, that is not the case.

They'll be sorry once they bury me in snail mail and I can no longer dig my way out each month to make the payments. If any Ents have been harmed during this barrage of paper pushing, I'm going to be highly upset.


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