A night for traditions.

For as long as I can remember, I have always found myself in front of the television over the Labor Day holiday. This is not due to the fact that it's a holiday weekend filled with movies we've all seen a million times, or because I simply don't have anything better to do. Oh no.

I share my birthday weekend with Jerry and his kids. For those of you who might not understand, the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) telethon takes place this time each year. To date, I've missed only one year, which came in the form of Hurricane Francis.

At any rate, each year Jerry Lewis and the MDA come into our homes for 21.5 hours via broadcasts from around the country. They bring love, entertainment, and tears all in small but mighty packages; the children's hearts. At the end of those few hours, millions of dollars have been raised and with any hope, millions of Jerry's kids as well. (Might I add that this year, a portion of the donations will be given to the relief effort aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina.)

Every year from the time I was very young, my aunt (mother's side) always called in and pledged money under the names of the children in our immediate family (myself, my brother and sister, and my cousin). A certain amount was given for each child (all healthy) the family was blessed with over the years; a sort of "thank you" in her own way.

The years have gone by quickly. This is the first telethon that all four of us have come of age (26, 25, 21, and 19.) However, the tradition will not end tonight, for I now have a beautiful, healthy godson.

Tonight, I take over the tradition. Bradley Ryan, this "thank you" is for you.


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