How do you know when you've played enough guitar for one night?? When you reach muscle failure and no longer have the strength to push down the strings. Here's a fun little toy I discovered tonight. $200 Dr. Beat? I think not. Online Metronome.

I went to the dentist today for a checkup. This is normal activity for most people, but for someone who is afraid of the dentist it's no small feat. All reports are good, thankfully. The doctor did everything he could to ease me from panic mode, which included telling me all about his career, as well as cracking jokes about himself. The man has a great sense of humor. When I mentioned I pass out after getting shots, he said "well I better not take off this mask then.. you see this ugly face you'll really have something to pass out about." For the record, he's not model material, but he's not hard on the eyes either.

Last but not least, I found a friend to attend that concert with next Tuesday. Benn (another Stetson University alumni who moved to NYC) will be at the concert so we're going to meet up in Central Park. Good concert, good company, good times to be had by all, we hope.


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