Well the last week has been miserable and exciting all at the same time. Miserable, because summer has finally arrived in NYC, and my lack of a/c (until yesterday) was making it very difficult to sleep. But no worries, the air conditioner has been installed and all is well.

Saturday I went to see Chicago on Broadway at the Ambassador Theater. Good fun was had by all. There were a few aspects that bothered me, though. First, there was no tap dancing in this version. How are you going to do Chicago with no tap dancing?? Also, I could have used a bit more power in the voices of a few of the singers. Nothing I can do about that either, though.

I did come away with a great new shirt, though. It's a 3/4 sleeve (red in color) white babydoll-ish shirt. The back has the Chicago logo on it, and the front reads "He had it coming.....". Enough said.

Sunday brought an unexpected surprise. On the way to the Central Park Zoo, I ran slam into the Puerto Rican day parade. You cannot possibly imagine how many people were there, so I will be kind enough to provide you with a picture.

Two blocks in 45 minutes. Totally uncalled for, if you ask me. After weaving in and out of the sea of Puerto Ricans, the final destination was achieved. Thank goodness this kindly gentleman met me there, with whom I'm immediately fell in love. I think he likes me too... smile for the camera!


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