First of all, check my latest post at E301 if you'd like to see just how hot an inferno my apartment is currently.

In other news:
I took my guitar to school for the first time today and played for the children. It was incredible seeing their faces light up when they finally got to sing the song I'd been teaching them all morning. The most amazing part of it all, was that they managed to sing the song in the correct key for the most part. These are 3 and 4-year-olds. That's no small task.

I taught them the first verse of the Whitestripes song We Were Going To Be Friends. The song allows for some wiggle room as far as pitch is concerned, because it uses the same repeating 3 note melody over and over for the lyrics.

Sometimes the small things like this remind me how far I am from where I'm supposed to be, and why I strive so hard to reach that destination.


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