Sunday Sunday... what's to say about Sunday? Not a whole lot currently. So far I've managed to read for a few hours, flip through the channels and confirm the fact that there is nothing on tv (at least until 3pm or so when the Mets game airs), work out, shower, and paint my nails. I'm on a roll and the day's just half over.

Do you know where I'll be 2 weeks from right now? That's right... Sunshiny, tropical, WARM, Florida. Where, upon arriving, I will buy my dad a new computer (with his credit card, of course), so that my tech support responsibilities will be lessened, as will his stress level. What to do with the old computer? Reformat. Reformat. Reformat. Then I'll set it up in the living room, run cable from the router, and just like magic, the family will no longer have to fight over one machine.

Things to look forward to on the trip, other than the obvious seeing the family. I'm sure there will be friends to catch up with, trips to the beach, trips to the springs, spoiling my godson beyond the point of no return, spoiling my siblings beyond the point of no return, the list goes on and on.

10 work days left, and counting!


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