Oh, but wasn't today fun? Not.

I woke up this morning to a frustrated friend, then ventured on to the incompetent electrician that turned off the power to my apartment in order to do some work in the basement. Inconvenient? Yes. The entire ordeal could have been avoided if the fool had given us notice. Was he considerate enough for that, though? Of course not. He called my roommates phone approximately three minutes before he shut off the power. My roommate, who was still sleeping, did not answer his phone. Thus, about 8:25am this morning the apartment grew very quiet.

And we all know how contractors tend to behave. They say three hours, it turns out to be eight. Yes, yes. I was at work for those eight hours. That's besides the point; the point being he COULD HAVE CRASHED MY COMPUTER! Not to mention it's illegal to shut off electricity to an apartment regardless of the situation without at least 24 hours prior notice. My roommates and I will be deducting that from our rent, worry not.

This was on top of the fact that I have three children in my classroom who cannot identify the number one. Usually it works something like this: I hold up a number chart or flashcards and ask, "Where's number one?" The children either shrug their shoulders, or point to every number but 1. I then become frustrated and ask the children, show me one finger. I've explained that the number one is a straight line, just like the finger they're holding up. I've even gone so far as to make them count ONE object. This they can do. But heavens! Ask them to point to the number one and they stare at me like I have eight heads and am spewing pea soup.

I ask you, parents. Exactly what are you doing with your children at home?? Please. I beg you... don't rely solely on your child's teacher to do all of the work. Learning begins at home. Schools only enhance the process.


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