It's Saturday. Let's see what I've accomplished.

8am ~ Wake up.
10am ~ Drag a weeks worth of dirty clothes to the laundromat
12pm ~ Drag a weeks worth of clean clothes home from the laundromat
1pm ~ Walk the two miles to Target to pick up a DVD player for my room, birthday gifts for my godson, and a new candle. I love candles.
3pm ~ Walk the two miles back from Target, hook up DVD player, watch a bit of t.v.
5pm ~ Spend two hours working out with Billy Blanks (the cardio workout, and the ab workout, if you must know.)
730pm ~ Shower
8pm ~ Dinner
9pm ~ Blog
Yeah that's about it. Did I mention that Friday a little girl made her mommy buy me roses so that she could give them to me at school? When I asked what I did to deserve such beautiful white roses, the little girl said "I just wanted to..." and shrugged. It made my day. The mother, who is not the nicest of people that walk the Earth, said "She refused to come to school without those flowers... I had to buy them just to get her to walk to school!" She was highly annoyed. Sounds to me like the child became the teacher that day.


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