Kodo and Podo, a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Bad, a.k.a. Eris and Calisti. Old, old ferrets but cool nonetheless. They're especially great when they don't use the floor as their litter box.

Here's something I've been pondering today. I would guess an average of 95% of the human population puts on a seat belt when they get into their car, a friends car, etc. (As I said that's just a guess, it's probably lower than that.. but work with me here!)

Explain to me then, why it is that the seat belt rule goes out the window when those same people park themselves inside a taxi. I've been in plenty of NYC taxi's, and let me tell you, it's the ONE place I wouldn't be caught dead unharnessed. (Hell, I think it might be wise to force the commision to install those five-point contraptions Nascar uses.)

But no, I rarely see folks strapping in once they're in the cab. Maybe people think that a force field exists to protect them from the craziness that ensues when their lives are in the hands of a cab driver?

Well THERE ISN'T! So, explain the phenomenon to me, because I'd like to know.


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