You know you're spread too thin at work when you manage to fall in a slush/snow filled pothole while picking up fish tank filters on your thirty minute lunch break in downtown Brooklyn mid-day traffic for a school full of classroom aquariums. Breath!

Let's just say the city shouldn't put plywood over potholes because the wood floats, and gives a very deceiving look of stability. When you step on it, however, you find it's much more like trying to stand on an iced-over surf board in the middle of a hurricane. I didn't fall down, but I did end up with two boots full of garbage slush water from the city street. My feet were dirty. Those of you who know me well understand how miserable I was the rest of the afternoon. But that was yesterday.

Today I was assigned the job of creating three different bulletin boards for Black History month. (That's February for those who weren't aware.) Now, these boards aren't in my classroom, because those I've already completed. These are boards that the director is in charge of maintaining. Unfortunately, he noticed that I am above average on the creative end of things, and requested I be put in charge of the task. Joy.

I don't mind putting them together, but my schedule doesn't really allow for time outside of the classroom. The trip to the pet store and extra time spent decorating the halls is beginning to rub me the wrong way. But that's ok Boss.. I'll decorate the bulletin board and the kids can, I don't know... entertain themselves. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe they'll learn ABCs and 123s all by themselves while they're at it!

Now for something a bit more exciting. Zann's annual CD shipment arrived today. (Two weeks after she mailed them, thanks for nothing USPS.) I now have mixes for the years 1996-2004. The collection is up to date once more. Nothing beats a Zann mix.

Everyone should go check out Charlie's site. The man is hilarious. I was hooked from day one (thanks to his dog and her nose for, well, skunks.) Not to mention he has nice things to say about his readers. You can't beat that.


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