It is almost time to begin the adventure of taking pictures for my first ever Christmas cards. I bought the package of cards over a month ago, and have just been waiting for the holiday decorations around NYC to go up before snapping shots to put on the covers. My plan is that each card will have it's own picture, unique to the recipient. However, I realized today that there are only four more weeks before I go to Florida for Christmas. That means I need to get moving on this project.

Michelle will be visiting at the end of next week. So far we have planned a trip to the museum, a NY philharmonic concert at the Lincoln Center (woohoo! Mahler!), and a viewing of the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes.

The week after that is Thanksgiving. While the majority of the nation is gathered around tables stuffing their faces with turkey and trimmings, I will be packing up my current living space and relocating to another. The new place makes this one seems as if I've been living in the dark age. My bedroom will be smaller by half, but I gain access to a living room (where I'm not afraid to sit on the couch), not to mention a clean kitchen. I'll just have to make sure I hide all of my shiny items so that the ferrets don't make off with them. I will try to refrain from calling them Kodo and Podo. I doubt I will succeed, however.

Six more months 'til Summer. Lord help me.


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