Can you tell these children are used to having their pictures taken? As soon as I took out the camera and pulled out the floor mat, they piled in for a group shot. I didn't give them any directions about how to lay, or to smile. Instant pose this crew.

The group above makes up about half of my class so far this year. My class consists mostly of girls, but I do have a few little boys thrown into the mix. I have 18 very active, busy, inquisitive munchkins on roll currently. Most are three years old, with a few fours for flavor. Cute group, and sweet (when they're asleep).

Inner city kids grow up a bit too fast for my liking. I watch them interact with each other everyday, and I often forget they're still babies. It's difficult to realize the only difference between these kids and any others across the world is that they are forced to grow up faster in order to survive.

Many are left at home alone, or at the day care from dawn until dusk. 95% of them have never seen a mud puddle, or climbed a tree. It's a rather disturbing way to spend childhood, I think.

When they're with me, they're not allowed to grow up, though. So maybe I can prevent some of that innocence they lose all too fast from slipping away.


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