Pictured above is my bed. It is adorned with my new Jersey Cotton-T sheets. (I picked them out.) Let me tell you this, I have no idea how I lived without these sheets until now. I now understand why my brother loves the ones I bought him so much. I will never use regular sheets again.

In other news, I spent 6 1/2 hours writing a research paper today. I began at 2pm and ended around 8:30pm. All in all it totaled 14 pages. (I had to learn APA format for this one; the only form we used at my undergrad school was MLA). I even sent it to the professor a week early. I hope she chokes on it.

I was reviewing a lesson on manners recently with my class (I just got a new batch of 3 and 4 year olds). I asked them "What do you say when someone gives you something?" They answered "Thank you!" Then I said, "What do you say when you bump into someone?" They said "Excuse me."

After several more questions, I came to this: "What do you say when you want something?" And the little princess in my room says "I love you!" - I then spent the next 30 seconds trying to keep a straight face while explaining that the right thing to say is "Please."


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