Bills, bills, bills. I hate the end of the month when all the bills come due. Especially the rent. Might as well be driving down the highway at 100mph while throwing fistfuls of money out the window.

Working year-round and not having a summer vacation is beginning to take it's toll. I cannot wait for the weekend, just so I might sleep without having to hear the wretched screeching of my alarm clock.

In other random (but interesting news), I visited the Target store that opened up at the Atlantic Center Mall for the first time today. It's just like any other Target, only, closer than Manhattan, and they have a Starbucks inside. You can't beat that folks. I plan to spend lots of time and hard-earned cash there in the upcoming weeks. They have flannel sheets too. Just in time for winter. Sigh.

The weatherman advised that we start packing up our summer clothes, and pulling out the fall wardrobe. Didn't we just pull out the bathing suits last week? I will never get used to this screwed up Northeastern weather. Give me sunshining Florida anytime over the frigid winters of NYC.


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