Holy flying monkeys batman! I played hookey from work today and showed a few members of my family who were visiting around town. (And might I add that I was so thrilled to have them here. I hope they come visit again soon! Thanks Aunt Rita, Robin, and Wendy!) I'm considering quitting my teaching job, to become a tour guide. Here's how the day played out.

705am: Call out sick to work. ::coughwheezemoan::
725am: Take three different trains to Grand Central Station to meet the family
835am: Gather family and begin tour of town
905am: First stop, Starbucks for a variety of beverages
930am: Wander around Time Square pointing out various buildings
1000am: Walk past Rockefeller Center and around Radio City Music Hall
1015am: Walk into the Time Square everyone sees on t.v. and point out buildings
1040am: Jump on train to Herald Square where we see Madison Square Garden, the Hotel Pennsylvania, the Empire State Building, and Penn Station
1140am: Hail a taxi cab and drive to/spend time at Ground Zero
1235pm: Hail another taxi cab and drive to South Ferry
100pm: Wait for Liberty boat to arrive to take a tour of Liberty Island
130pm: Arrive at Liberty Island and tour the Statue of Liberty
330pm: After touring the Liberty Island Gift Shop we head back to the boat, make a quick stop at Ellis Island and then back to New York City
400pm: Back to the subway on the Q line to visit my apartment in Brooklyn
430pm: Arrive at my apartment via the bus, show off the apartment, and relax for a few minutes
500pm: Run out to Farmer in the Deli for the best hero sandwiches in the world
530pm: Eat dinner, chat with the family
600pm: Call a car service and send the family back to Grand Central Station so that they could catch their Metro North train back to Connecticut

Grand Total:

Buildings seen/visited: Macy's, Sac's 5th Ave, Toys R Us (Time Square), MTV Building, Nasdaq, Good Morning America, Virgin Megastore, Starbucks, FOX tv station, NBC Studio's Rainbow Room, The Blarney Stone Pub, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Pennsylvania Hotel, Radio City Music Hall, Penn Station

Areas visited: Time Square, Herald Square, Ground Zero, Liberty Island, Clinton Hill Brooklyn

Modes of Transportation: NYC taxi, NYC bus, NYC subway, Liberty Island Ferry, MetroNorth, our own two feet

Money Needed: (this is not including the souvenirs purchased)$10 for the Ferry, $7 day pass metro card

Number of times I got us lost: ZERO! I'm that good.


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