For those of you who were unaware, my union (DC1707) has been on strike for the last two days. This means that poor me has had to find other means to occupy my time, and without receiving pay for those deeds.

Lets rundown the list of things accomplished thus far, shall we?

-Room rearrangement (this was done in an effort to dig my AC out from behind the computer desk and adjust the extension cords in this one-outlet room so that I might use my electronic equipment at is fullest functionality without melting due to the heat)
-Cleaned entire room after destroying it. I am now utilizing approximately 30% more space that with prior arrangement
-Made an appointment to see a NYC public school recruiter (Friday at noon) in hopes that I will have a new employer sooner rather than later
-Swept all landings and stairs from the third floor to the ground floor in this dusty old brownstone
-Worked out on the stair climber for an hour
-Located my transcripts for the meeting with the recruiter
-Wrote a five page paper for my masters class
-Spent two hours on the phone with my mother
-Took approximately 3.8 showers (moving furniture is hard work)
-Updated this site

Did I forget anything?

EDIT- Apparently I did forget something, as Zann has pointed out. We discussed the passing of President Reagan, the man who played the character of "Mark" on the tv show Roseanne, the man who played the character of "Wilson" on the tv show Home Improvement, as well as Ray Charles.


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