Can you say Highway Robbery? Let's have a little background on Grace here. I like credit cards. Who doesn't? But I'm different than most people. I just enjoy having the little plastic gems because the fronts of the cards are fun to look at when I open my wallet. I only actually use one of these cards, and I make my payments every month like a good little girl.

Recently, I opened a bill for my favorite card, and happened to glance down at the interest rate. I immediately became ill, picked up the phone, and called the company to find out if someone had made a mistake, or if they were really trying to rape me with their interest rate. There was no mistake. 20.4%! I almost fell out of my chair. No wonder I can't get the balance down. I'm not made of money!

Thank goodness I have a shimmering stack of unused plastic in that wallet of mine. I called Bank1One and inquired about their balance transfer policy. The nice woman on the phone (her name was Stephanie) told me that for only $50 I could transfer my balance and lock in a 4.9% interest rate for the life of the loan. There is a God. The weight of the world is a little less heavy now. Too bad my student loan situation can't be improved that easily.


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