Winter is coming.. I can feel it. How I wish it would stay away for a long time, but unfortunately, I have no control over such matters.

This year I've decided I want to wander into the mountains upstate and check out the fall foliage. So far, the location that seems most interesting is the Catskills. Hopefully I'll be able to find a way there and back.. sounds like a good way to spend the weekend.

I will also be attempting to ice skate this year. This will be my third winter in NYC, and it's time I step up to the plate. Lord help me. I may very well break my neck.

Where did Sunday go? Sigh. I am still a firm believer that we should only have to work four days a week, and then have three day weekends. The human race would be much nicer with that added break. Maybe I'll start a petition.


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