Happy Halloween

I've had a rather entertaining weekend. I walked nearly five miles. I dusted off the camera and managed to take some fall foliage pictures.

Let's not forget I read an entire book; Yay Drizzit! (I even managed to forget to set my clock back last night, and woke up bright and early this morning wondering exactly what in the world was going on.)

I also took the picture to your left. That's me. All dressed up with no place to go. I put on my gown and watched the kiddies tromp by my front door step tonight. The neighbors played the themes from Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. No Halloween is complete without at least one rousing chorus of The Monster Mash, either. Be safe ghosts and ghouls.

Anyone have ideas about what sort of project to do with 5lbs of birdseed? Sure, we could make bird feeders, but that's not out of the ordinary. I can not wait to dye corn kernels all different colors and make pictures out of them with my class. From one holiday on to the next.


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