Today, I tortured the children in my class. Many are still tactile defensive in their young age, and HATE having slimy material on their hands. I can't say that I blame them, but there are just some things in life you need to experience.

We carved a very simple jack-o-lantern this afternoon. All week I have been asking the kids what they thought was inside of the pumpkin. Some said "seeds". They do remember science lessons once in a while! Yay! Other answers, not so bright. "A horse!".. uh.. no kid. Horse poop is bigger than this pumpkin. At least they're participating, right?

The best part of the entire ordeal was making the children reach inside the pumpkin and pull out a hand full of seeds. The look on each face was priceless. Some rather enjoyed squishing the goo between their fingers. One little boy crouched down behind the table and refused to come anywhere near me as long as I had that pumpkin in my hands. Poor kid. I decided to let him get away with his attempt at invisibility. Everyone needs to be a super hero on occasion.

All in all my munchkins had good, messy, fun. (That's the best kind.) Our pumpkin ended up having heart-shaped eyes, a square nose, and a smiling mouth with teeth, as per their request. I might not be able to give them mud between their toes, but I can give them pumpkin snot between their fingers.


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