I may very well have the most wonderful mother in the entire world. She sent me a package and it arrived today. Inside I found several pair of fuzzy socks. They feel as though they're made out of chenille. Not to mention the fact that she put blue candy canes inside each sock. Love you mom!

I imagine this is what the cookie monster's feet look like... I am so happy... COOOKIE!!!

In preparation for my annual trip to the doctors office for a TB test (child care workers and those who work with the elderly are required to get one each year), I have purchased a bottle of Pepsi that I can take with me to drink after I pass out. Yes, you heard me correctly. I pass out after shots. Not when they stick me. Oh no, that would be too easy. The entire process begins about two minutes after I get the shot. It's difficult to describe. First, I become all tingly, as if I'm vibrating from the inside out. After that, everything slows down.. I can hear people talking, but can't respond or tell them what's wrong. The next thing I know, some nurse is waving smelling salts in front of my face and I'm asking for a Pepsi. Pathetic, eh? I know.


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