Ok, so I need a weekend do-over. One of the munchkins coughed or sneezed on me last week, and did me in. Usually I manage to evade the germs, but this time I wasn't successful.

Friday I had the scratchy throat. Saturday I felt like I was drowning in a frigid pool of mud. Today I'm feeling a bit better, but have a pounding headache.

I'm not big on taking medicine, but Saturday night I couldn't stand not being able to breath, so I downed some Nyquil. Those of you who know me, understand I don't handle any type of drug or stimulate very well. We're talking caffeine, medicine, etc. Nyquil makes me feel like my skin is crawling. My typing skills have deteriorated and my response time is much slower than normal.

All I have to say is, drugs are bad.


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