I have managed to teach all but three of my children to recognize a list of famous African Americans by showing them a picture. And not only can they identify them by their picture, but they can tell me what each person does that makes them so important. I can call out the names, and have the children point to the correct picture. They also understand when I point to a picture and ask the question "Who is this?" I'm so proud of them. They are listening sometimes.

Today I asked the children, who is the President of the United States? and one little boy raised his hand and said "Colin Bush!" (He was referencing a picture of Colin Powell we were using for a different topic - see above) I smiled and said, very close! while trying not to show my amusement. He had it half right, after all. The second little girl yelled "George Washington!"... she has trouble with verbs.. is, was.. it's all the same to her. E for effort.

Kids. You've got to love them.


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